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How to Choose the Right eCommerce Platform

eCommerce platform is the best place to sell online and consider as the most profitable business ideas of recent times. For an entrepreneur or startup there are many eCommerce enablement technologies options available. The choices are endless and selecting a right eCommerce platform is an important step for any business.

There are a lot of aspects which should be considered before choosing an eCommerce platform. Take these factors into consideration:


An eCommerce website can be in different sizes with all sorts of different budgets. Take a look at your budget and determine How Much Will It Cost. It is advised to choose that plan of an ecommerce platform as per your budget. Find out which eCommerce platform offer best features and support under your budget.


Think about what are you selling? Is your product is digital or a physical product? Choose an Ecommerce platform which does not limit the number of products. Add technical features and specifications that explain your product in short way. Use original and high quality images to represent your product.


Before choosing any eCommerce platform, you need to ensure that it cover up any holes in your security. Check out the platform uses SSL Certificate security and ensure PCI compliance. The platform you choose should, at a minimum, have a secured checkout page. Ensure that your server maintains PCI compliance requirements.


Customization has become increasingly significant to make a user friendly ecommerce website. It is essential to make each and every customer feel special and comfortable with your website. Find a platform that that can meet your specifications and custom requirements.


Lengthy, complicated checkout processes is the quick way to get a customer to bounce. Remember, more steps means more chances to lose the sale. Choose a platform that offer simple and as customer friendly shopping cart and you can customize it as per your need.

Mobile Friendly

With technology advancement, more and more shopping is done through mobile devices. According to past reports, 75% of consumers feel annoyance and 69% frustration with a business if it has a poorly performing mobile website. You must ensure that the platform offer mobile friendly feature along with simple checkout process through mobile devices.


Ensure that your ecommerce platform is able to integrate with the other software. A good and reputed platform always provide simple integration feature like extensions, add-on library, modules, plugins etc.


Updates are most essential in order to keep your website as per trends. It is needed to keep your website reliable and secure. Find the answer – Will you be able to upgrade a platform to expand with your business? Your ecommerce platform should offer regular updates, security patches and other important updates.

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